Therefore StratIQ™
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Let's face it, failure to implement business strategy is common, and unimplemented strategy adds no value. Typically, breakdowns in the planning, management and execution of strategy results in only 50 to 60% of the value of a strategy plan being realised.

The Therefore team has undertaken extensive research to determine what it is that makes strategy execution so failure prone. This knowledge has been used as the foundation upon which the Therefore StratIQ™ application has been developed.

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The Therefore StratIQ™ application is ideally suited for companies that ...

  1. Are serious about strategy and its execution.
  2. Want to avoid the opportunity costs associated with the failure to deliver on strategy plans.
  3. Want to align strategy plan delivery with performance management.
  4. Require meaningful data to manage the execution of strategy.
  5. Want to impose clear lines of accountability for strategy execution.
  6. Want to facilitate strategy execution where cross functional cooperation is required.
  7. Want to maintain detailed records of strategic initiatives and progress made in their execution.
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