Therefore HelpDesk™
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Information Technology (IT) is typically seen as a key strategic enabler. Most medium to large sized companies have found that an efficient and responsive IT function needs to be underpinned by an effective Help Desk application.

The Therefore team has undertaken extensive research to determine what it is that IT management requires from a Help Desk application. This knowledge has been used as the foundation upon which the Therefore HelpDesk™ application has been developed.

Can we help you?

The Therefore HelpDesk™ application is ideally suited for companies that ...

  1. See IT as a strategic enabler.
  2. Have high volumes of user initiated requests for IT support.
  3. Want to maximise their return on investment for IT spend.
  4. Want to impose IT best practice principles.
  5. Want to reduce levels of IT related risk.
  6. Want to improve IT service levels.
  7. Want to improve the ease of management of their IT functions.
  8. Require access to performance data to support performance management for IT staff.
  9. Want to implement continuous improvement within their IT functions and therefore need access to service failure statistic to enable them to do so.
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