Consulting Services

Therefore typically consults in areas that relate to the implementation of its BPM technology. We are, however, in a position to offer Clients consulting services of a more general nature, most commonly in the Information Technology, Supply Chain and Project Management space.

BPM Consulting Services

A business' processes constitute one of its most valuable assets, as they are the embodiment of all past learning. The more efficient and effective these processes are, the greater their ability to translate into Customer value, profit and consequently, the greater their asset value.

Therefore understands Business Process Management (BPM). In fact, we understand BPM so well that we have developed out own Business Process Management Suite (BPMS). If you are looking to implement a proven BPMS, give us a call.

General Consulting Services

Provided below are examples of the types of interventions that we have undertaken for our Clients. If you think that we may be able to assist you with a focused intervention, please feel free to contact us.

Product realization

The process of managing a development initiative through the feasibility, specification, development, testing and change management phases is a complex one.

Therefore believes that a mature set of development process controls will make the development process less frustrating, more productive, less risk prone and ultimately more responsive to business needs.

Therefore understands how to design a development methodology that allows you to make the most of the resources available to you.

Test script development

Complex IT projects carry an extremely high risk profile. Project failure often results in the extended unavailability of key systems, which in turn causes significant financial losses and compromised Customer service.

To reduce the risk profile associated with complex IT projects, it is imperative that thorough testing be done to identify errors that may be present and to resolve these errors prior to going live.

Therefore can work with your IT team to develop a test script that covers your business' core / risk critical processes. Further, we can assist you to develop the procedural controls that will drive the ongoing use and refinement of your test script.

Supply chain optimization

If your supply chain is sluggish or inefficient, the availability of your product in the trade will invariably be compromised. The consequence ... lost sales. What's more, if your competitors have more efficient supply chains than you do, it's a matter of time before you start losing market share.

Therefore have the skills and methodologies to assist you to perform an end-to-end Supply Chain review and identify areas where refinement will unlock value.

Project management

Initiatives that are supported by effective project management stand a far greater chance of success. A well-managed project will carry a lower risk profile; will be delivered on time and within budget.

Companies often don't have the spare capacity to dedicate to the focused management of projects, leaving projects, and as a consequence the business, compromised. Therefore has extensive experience in the management of complex high risk projects.

eCommerce life cycle management

The Internet presents businesses with virtually limitless possibilities. Therefore can help you filter through the myriad of possible applications for Internet technology, select the opportunities that make business sense and act as your guide through to the point of a successful go live.

Supply chain transitioning

For businesses that make use of Distributors, moving Distributor can be a risky exercise.

Therefore has project managed any number of high profile Distributor migrations and has a track record for doing so in a manner where risk is materially mitigated and the flow of product to market is not disrupted.

Master data review / clean-up

Master data is the invisible life blood of business. As business complexity increases, managing master data becomes exponentially more complex. Poor master data quality works against operational efficiency, customer service and your ability to contain costs.

Therefore has developed proven methodologies for rapidly reviewing master data, identifying errors and driving their correction.

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